Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold

Blackjack is one of the classic and most famous casino game played in almost all casinos all over the world. The table game is played in assistance with a dealer at the land casino and now with the rise in online casino versions of Blackjack are played in the virtual setting and with a virtual assistant. Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold is one of the best looking version of Blackjack. The table game has easy gameplay and will pay you big wins.

Shuffle your cards on Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold

The Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold by Microgaming will give you a feel of the original land casino. The chips arranged on a green background and 3D animations are treat to the eye. The rules of this version are same as every version of Blackjack. To kick off the game you have to choose your bets and then deal with your cards. The table has many different features and you can modify the gameplay in as many ways as you want. Set up is arranged on a green Blackjack table. All the option are on the main screen. This version is played with 2 desks. Two desks are arranged on either side of the screen. The audio totally complements the graphics of the game.

Make the best pairs with Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold

The players who are new to Blackjack must read the rules carefully to understand them and play the table game effectively. The rules of the online game are easy. There are 2 standard desks to play on. The player will be playing opposite to the virtual assistant. To win you must try to draw cards close to 21 and your aim is to beat the virtual assistant. Your wins are according to your stake amounts and the multipliers you won during the gameplay. The stake amounts are adjustable according to the player’s wish.

Payouts for different combinations are as follows:

  •       A Blackjack pays 3:2
  •       Standard win pays 1:1
  •       Insurance win pays 2:1

Interesting Bonus feature

The game features one bonus round called Hi Lo bonus rounds. You can win high payouts in this round along with the base game payout. The outer area of Blackjack table has 3 segments marked with distinct numbers. Bet on these segments using Hi lo bonus feature and win big payouts. You can randomly play this feature in your gameplay.

Final thoughts

Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold is a nice version of Blackjack with fluid graphics and nice payouts. The extra bonus feature is the cherry on the cake. Play this highly recommended online table game at your favourite casino.


Game Name: Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold

Posted On: 01/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold
Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold
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