Roulette has been a favourite among casino players both online and land-based for the longest time ever. The game is simple, easy to understand and doesn’t require you to remember so many rules or regulations. This game is from Microgaming that looks amazing and comes with different new functions.

About the Developer of Premier Roulette

Microgaming was set up in 1994 and has developed many casino games for various casino operators throughout the world. Premier Roulette is another interesting game developed by the company.

About the Game

As soon as you load up Premier Roulette version, you are given information about the game which is shown on the screen. The Roulette wheel is obviously the centre of attraction and is situated at top of the betting table. It also consists of the betting racetrack towards the left. The options like game speed and colour are given in the box in the left corner at the top while the game history can be seen at the right side of the screen. At the right-hand corner on the bottom of the screen, you can view the betting options.

To play Premier Roulette with simple bets, you first need to select the chip size and then place it at the desired position on the table. The betting range is from 25p to 10,000. However, for little more complex bets, you will need to check the race track on the left side of the table. This will help you place bets related to neighbouring positions at the wheel. The examples for these types of bets are Voisins Du Zero bet which consists of 16 numbers surrounding the zero slot. Red and the black split bet are made on 2 black/red numbers that occur together on the betting table.

The Expert button is also present at the most bottom of the screen and it is used for more complex bets. When you press this button, a Call Bets button will emerge on the right side. The bets like a snake that bets on a curving row of numbers or 007 that consists of numbers in the shape of 007 are covered here.


Premier Roulette is based on the traditional European style of Roulette. So you will find only one zero slots on the wheel which offer a higher RTP to the players than the American version. There are total 37 slots on the wheel. 36 numbers in red and black as well as single green zero slots.


Game Name: Premier Roulette

Posted On: 01/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Premier Roulette
Premier Roulette
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