If you are the type who can’t get enough of the Need For Speed series and watch a movie from the Fast And Furious franchise daily, then Racing For Pinks is just-perfect for you. The “pink” in the name is a reference to pink slips, which are automobile documents. In effect, when you race for pinks you stake your car. If you win you get the vehicle of your opponent. But if you lose, your beloved automobile is surely forfeit.

Racing for Pinks is a car racing-focused game that could only have been teamed up and executed by a die-hard petrol-head drunk on liquid NOS. With two separate bonus games to choose from, it certainly is not lacking in features. Strap yourself into your cockpit and zoom through this insightful review of this great-looking game.

Racing For Pinks, Racing For Possession

The Racing for Pinks online slot has five reels, as well as 243 ways players can get really lucky. The action appears set in the pit lane and the slot has no recognizable paylines. To win all the player has to do is to have matching symbols on the neighbouring reels.

The featured symbols are of course all about car racing. Thus, we have a couple of nitrous oxide tanks, a toolbox, a big engine and a total of six fab-looking cars that look capable of breaking the sound barrier on a drag strip. These are all featured along with their drivers and include an old-school Volkswagen Beetle with a pretty and funky lady racer.

Symbols on hand include a “Bonus Race” symbol, as well as a Free Spins symbol. Both of them are responsible for their separate bonuses. The wild is the game logo.

Racing For Pinks, Racing For Keeps

Free Spins - to activate the free spins feature, players need to land the Free Spins young lady on reels one and five. This makes them eligible for up to 30 free spins. With any winnings being also subject to a maximum of a 5x multiplier.

Bonus Race - this is really the numero-uno in this fast-paced slot and to activate it players must land the Bonus Race icon on reels one and five. Once this is done they can participate in up to five races. The winner of these races will be chosen by the player from two separate entrants and gets the green light to race at the next race.

Players must then continue choosing the right winner. With a maximum of 175x the initial bet available should the layer correctly pick all five race winners, this bonus is definitely not to be sneezed at.

Final Thoughts

Racing for Pinks sports good animations, fine audio and great bonuses. And with a bet range of from £0.01 to £250.00, it looks affordable. Overall, this is a recommendable slot.


Game Name: Racing for Pinks

Posted On: 01/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Racing for Pinks
Racing for Pinks
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