Reel Fruits is a celebration of a classic fruity fun slot with no fireworks and parties. It can get real when the players receive only the actual rewards instead of bonuses and progressive jackpots. The slot is fun to roll but that totally depends upon players. 

About Reel Fruits

Reel Fruits is a real slot game which has nothing secret in its sleeves. Everything here in this slot is real and to the point. The main feature of the slot is that there are no extra features or bonuses to accompany the players and their goals. The slot is colourful with the fruits and its red-tan everywhere. The individual quality of the symbols is pretty good, so at least it looks like a modern version of the classics. The sound and graphics have nothing to do with the real reel and it somehow blends with the overall gaming. 

Patterns of Reel Fruits

The lucky 7 symbol is the main and only rewarding symbol offering the one and only jackpot function, while the next slots have icons with a Bar logo, Golden Bell, Melon, Grape, Plum, Orange, Lemon or Cherries. All these are standard for a classic slot, there is nothing new here. But, just a couple of Seven symbols lining up, with the correct combination can pay four times the stake. (How good is that?) 

Features and More

Speaking of features, some players might get a bad feeling. There are no features here in this slot. Some like a plain old slot with just the paytable. This is one of those slots. There are no wilds, no scatter symbols, no free spins round or even a bonus feature. 


There is nothing here to brag about. It's a well constructed simple game with minimum features. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Game Name: Reel Fruits

Posted On: 26/06/2020

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Reel Fruits
Reel Fruits
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