Looking for an ultra-realistic roulette experience that gets your palms all wet and keeps your heart racing from the beginning of the spin till the end? Then, what you need is the Roulette Master in your life. Quite appropriately named, gorgeous to look at and very slick to play, this might quite possibly be the best 3D roulette experience on the planet.

Combining the necessary casino sounds as it does, it takes really no effort to imagine yourself as being in the most exclusive casino in Vegas, with a good drink in your hand, a charming companion at your shoulder and your fame and fortune up to the gods.

Feel like being the Roulette Master others will point at and gossip about? Then read on.

Become the Greatest Roulette Master

This game utilises the European version of roulette with its one green zero. As a result, the odds are far less burdensome and players can easily get the opportunity to rack in the wins. Which would not obviously be possible had the American roulette version with its zero and double zero been employed.

Roulette Master comes with a very realistic looking roulette wheel and other accoutrements. In fact, as previously stated it’s very much like playing at a top-flight casino.

Under the revolving wheel, the betting table can be found. It sports most of the usual roulette betting options. Players in search of more can click on the star at the top right of the reels. This presents options for racetrack bets, red/black twists and similar esoteric bets.

Master the Gameplay

To begin, players need to select the desired chip size from the collection beneath the betting table. The selected bet is then clicked on. The next step is to click on the big “Play” arrow button.

For the lazy players, an Auto play function is supported. This is present at the right side of the reels and can be set to run for 999 consecutive spins.

Should the player be looking for an edge, there’s the chart and spin history to be consulted. This holds the record for previous hot and cold numbers. But is largely ineffectual in predicting future ones.

Nonetheless, it can be of great help to the savvy player.

Final Thoughts

As if the top quality graphics, soundtrack and animation were not enough, Roulette Master also sports an above-average RTP of 97.30%. Overall, it can be addictive, enticing, charming and entertaining. It’s thus very easy to recommend it.


Game Name: Roulette Master

Posted On: 02/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Roulette Master
Roulette Master
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