Casino games are really fun and help you win some easy rewards with a bit of luck. There are plenty of games and new ones keep getting added too. This time it is Sharp Shooter, a uniquely new kind of table game played using basic game dice. The graphics of this game is pretty simple but looks attractive with a clean red background. The game table has betting chips below and plays options on the side with paytable printed on the game board. The betting here starts with £0.10 and maximum you can go up to is just £200 per game. This game is playable even using your smartphone or tablet device with iOS or Android platform.

Sharp Shooter – Game Developer

This brand new and innovative casino table game was created by 1x2 Gaming (NYX). A collaborative developer with plenty of years of experience and skills to match modern gaming technologies, using which they create world class games. They have produced many slots and casino table games for online players.

About the gameplay

Sharp Shooter is a game played between the player and the croupier and your aim is to defeat the croupier. And you must so in order to win, else you will lose the turn and the betting you have placed. The game begins with three blue coloured dices that are rolled next to each other on the table. These blue ones belong to the croupier. Each dice will reveal a number from 1 to 6. Your goal is to match those numbers with your three red dices. The benefit to you here is, you will get three chances. So you can roll three dices three times. If your dices match the three numbers on croupier’s dices, you will win but the payout differs.

  • Payout: If you match all three croupier dices within the first roll of your three dices, you win 8 to 1 on your bet. If you win using two rolls then you are paid 7 to 5 and 2 to 1 if you win with rolling all three turns. But if you leave even a single dice of croupier unmatched with your dices, you lose.
  • Bet History: Sharp shooter has a history option where you can see all your previous wins and losses. This will help you strategize your next moves.
  • Turbo Roll: If you do not want to roll three turns, all one by one, you can choose this option. It will automatically roll all your three turns if required.


With a unique new setup and game design, Sharp Shooter will definitely make you addicted to the game.


Game Name: Sharp Shooter

Posted On: 01/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Sharp Shooter
Sharp Shooter
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