Speed Baccarat B live is played by two player's hand, the first hand is of the player while another hand is off the dealer. The contestant who predicts the hand closest to 9 wins the game. The outcome of each round can be either a player, banker or a tie.

The gameplay of Speed Baccarat B live

The gameplay of Speed Baccarat B live is a bit similar to all other Baccarat games. The dealer hosts the game that is played with eight 52 card decks. Each card has a certain value which is pre-decided by the game provider. Card with numeric value 2 to 9 holds value equal to their face value. Aces worth 1 while the face cards and 10’s worth zero.

The game goes smoothly when you place the bets for either hand prior to each deal. It may be the player's hand or banker's hand. Bet on the hand that you think will be closest to 9. If both the player's and banker's hand gains equal value then the round will end tie. The dealer starts with two cards each.

How do the hands work?

If the sum of player's hand ranges in zero to five a third card is drawn. When it totals six and seven it stands while the sum of eight and nine then it is called natural.

Banker's hand works differently if it sum zero to two third card must be drawn. If the value of banker's hand is three bankers will not draw another card. Moving further in the game, the banker works according to its pre-decided instructions.

Speed Baccarat B live offers you side bets which have different effects on your wins. The player pair pays when two initial cards are dealt with the player has a pair. Other side bets are the banker pair, perfect pair, either pair, player bonus and banker bonus. Banker pair works same as the player pair for banker's hand. Perfect pair pays if both the hands are identical. Player bonus and bankers bonus pays if the player and banker's hand win 8 or 9 natural.

Summing Up

Speed Baccarat B live is one of most liked table games in the casino markets. It is widely played. It's smart and easy gameplay with astounding bonuses and features build the interest of players. Players also enjoy winning big through the side bets and other features.


Game Name: Speed Baccarat B Live

Posted On: 18/01/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Speed Baccarat B Live
Speed Baccarat B Live
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