Based on the popular arcade game Pinball, Spinball slot game is as exciting as the original and comes with some of the best aspects of slot games. The game is currently available at Spinzwin Casino online. The mobile compatible version is also available. 

Basic Features 

The best thing about Spinball slot game is its unique design. The layout is completely unique and is based on the original Pinball machine. Hence, if you are looking for the common online video slot features like reels, symbols, special symbols like the wilds and scatters, etc. you will be totally disappointed. But in case you are looking for something unique and different with slots, this game certainly fits the bill. 

The other interesting thing about the game is the engagement aspect; unlike the normal slots games, the players aren’t just an audience here. The player has to actually interact with the machine to keep the ball from falling down for as long as possible. This increases the wins too as every time the ball comes into contact with the various areas of the machine, different payouts are provided to the player. 

As with any slot game Spinball slot also comes with some amazing visuals and graphics. The pinball machine is very impressive, and the components light up every time the ball hits them. The ambient sounds and the sound effects every time the ball strikes some part of the machine are all impressive and heighten the excitement.

 Special Features 

There are two ways in which players can maximize their wins; by hitting the ball in a way that it strikes the bouncers at the top and boosters at the left. Both of these components help players realise wins. 

Bonus Features 

Spinball slot comes with the most loved slot game bonus feature, which is the free spins. There something called the free spins zone at the right of the machine and every time the ball enters this zone the area lights up and players are provided with free spins. The free spins are automatically activated and any extra free spins achieved during the bonus round are also added to the remaining free spins. 


Thus, Spinball is a slot game that is unique but at the same time has all those features that make playing slots game such fun! Be sure to make the ball enter the free spins zone to enjoy the bonus feature.


Game Name: Spinball

Posted On: 13/12/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

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