Land based casinos offer a definite number of casinos games. We can’t say that they do not offer good games –in fact, all the finest casino games are inspired from the land based casinos. But online casinos developed some incredible games that wouldn’t be possible to design in land based casinos as they work considerably well in a virtual setting.

One of the best examples of this is Spingo online slot by Microgaming. Spingo originated from two words “spin” and “bingo”.  This online game is a perfect blend of a Roulette with Bingo. The gameplay of this online game requires many moving parts which are quite difficult to operate in land based casinos and can make it very unpopular among people. But this is not a problem with online casinos as they make the gameplay very easy and results are calculated in the background. You must have played Roulette and Bingo individually, now try the combination of both with Spingo.

How does Spingo look?

After loading the game you will see a spinning wheel divided into 3 segments coloured red, yellow and blue and a single green coloured segment. The wheel is divided 25 segments, means 8 segments per colour and one extra segment for green colour. Bingo balls come out of a tube which is at the centre of the wheel. The balls are numbered from 0 to 10. Under the spinning wheel, there is a betting table displaying the range of betting amount.

Play Spingo with the easiest gameplay

Before spinning the reels, set your bet by using chips below the screen. You can select as many numbers of your favourite bets as you want. Spin the wheels by clicking on the ‘Spin’ button and a bingo ball will come out of the tube and land into one of the segment.

Your winning amount is according to this table:-

  •       Winning Combo (number + colour) – 32x
  •       Only green colour – 24x
  •       Zero – 20x
  •       Single Number – 10x
  •       Colour – 3x
  •       Odd or Even – 2x
  •       1-5 or 6-10 – 2x

By clicking the ‘View Statistics’ button you can see the colourful representation of the results. The Slingo offers a very easy gameplay and huge wins for its players.

Final thoughts

Spingo is a perfect blend of Roulette and bingo. The online game promises huge rewards and fun. You will definitely love this if you are looking for a different kind of Roulette. The slot offers an RTP of 96.70%. The slot is worth checking out for its unique theme.


Game Name: Spingo

Posted On: 03/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

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