Tetris Extreme MegaDrop

Tetris Extreme MegaDrop is a mélange of the classic tile and current slot games. Originally developed in the 1980s by Alexey Pajitnov, Tetris became an immediate favourite. So, it should come as no surprise that a modern take on the game, with free spins, jackpots, bonuses and prizes, is much more fun.

Design and gameplay 

Tetris Extreme MegaDrop is set in a 7x10 grid, with stars and an 80s style geodesic dome in the background, which makes the whole game so much more fun and colourful. The tiles come in their classic colours of blue, orange, yellow, green, and red. On the right side of the slot machine, you would see the different levels of jackpots (Minor, Major and Epic) along with a panel that illustrates your score. On the left side is the Line Clear Multiplier meter to step up your winnings, given that you manage to get the symbols to land the right way.

 Just like the original game, you need to have the tiles land such that you form complete rows, without any gaps between them. You can place your bets from 0.10 credits to 100 credits for each spin. However, while the shapes of the tiles remain the same as the original game, you cannot move them to the right or left or rotate them.

 The paytable shows what you win for each cluster of matching tiles that was left on the grid (given that 9 blocks were connected). If there are blocks of 9 matching symbols, you will receive 0.05x your bet.

Special features

Multiple clusters win all get added and are boosted by what the multiplier is when the cascades end. As you fill out each row, they keep disappearing and add to the levels on the Line Clear Multiplier which in turn increases the win multiplier by 1x up to a maximum of 50x for 15 lines. You can begin claiming wins once the tiles stop falling.

Bonus features

 Also, if you manage to clear 15 or more rows consecutively, you’d get 10 bonus free spins. A special Gold tile multiplies appears during the free spins round with a prize of 5x. There are three levels of the jackpot, as mentioned above, which must pay out before reaching certain levels.


If you enjoy both slot games and classic tile games, you are sure to enjoy Tetris Extreme MegaDrop, which is a fun and vibrant mix of both.


Game Name: Tetris Extreme MegaDrop

Posted On: 18/02/2020

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Tetris Extreme MegaDrop
Tetris Extreme MegaDrop
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