Treasure Nile

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Treasure Nile

With the Treasure Nile slots, you get to explore the splendour of ancient Egypt. You also get to uncover the mystery of the half man, half lion Sphinx and win the delightful treasures in this progressive jackpot online slots game.

Playing The Progressive Jackpot Treasure Nile

This online slot game consists of five reels and 9 paylines. It is themed after the wonders and mysteries of ancient Egypt and the Pharaoh is a prominent symbol in Treasure Nile. By placing a bet with the maximum coins allowed, you receive a total of five Pharaoh icons that will appear on the 9th payline of this online slots. With this, you can get the chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

With the progressive jackpot bonus feature, there is no limit to your payout. It will keep increasing until you land a winning combo and win the ultimate treasure. When this happens, you are taken back to the initial jackpot value and this starts to grow once more.

Egyptian Symbols For More Wins

In the Treasure Nile online slot, you have a Pyramid Wild symbol which is capable of replacing all the other symbols on the reels. You will then be able to earn a winning combo. By landing five Pyramid symbols, you can earn as much as 6,000 coins for each coin that you have bet on a respective payline.

For the Scatter symbol, you have an ancient Egyptian Scarab. You can win a payout if you land a minimum of three of this symbols on any position on the five reels. It doesn’t matter if the scatter symbols were landed on an active payline.

Other symbols in the Treasure Nile online slot include; an Ankh which is a cross that has a small loop at the peak point. A Sphinx, an Egyptian symbol of life, a cobra, a papyrus scroll, an ancient necklace and Anubis the dog god. These and many other symbols can earn you winning combinations when they pop up on the active payline.

Final Thoughts

Your maximum bet is 4.50 credits. This will encourage you to bet on the maximum as you have a greater chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

The graphics, animation and soundtrack are quite enticing. The rich culture and symbolism of ancient Egypt are fully displayed in very clear details to ensure that you are hooked playing this online slots for long hours.

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Game Summary

Name: Treasure Nile

Author: Tony Willets