The Tunzamunni online slot is certainly creatively named. Figuring out just what the name means is not really hard. Just think of tons and loads of money and you in the right place.

The name is rather fitting considering that this slot has a progressive jackpot feature. Winning this definitely unlocks tons of money for the lucky player.

Feel like winning tons of money and living the good life large and proud? Then read on to see just how this online slot dispenses its riches.

Got Tunzamunni For Me?

This is a three reel slot that sports three rows. As well as a single payline. The graphics are not eye-candy in the least but are more than attractive. In keeping with the theme, the area beneath the reels has loads of gleaming gold coins and lustrous jewels. The sight is bound to make the heart skip a beat or two as you imagine just how your account balance could make use of the riches contained there.

At the right of the reels can be seen the paytable. This occupies almost half of the screen and contains such useful information as the payout and a detailed listing of all the symbols used. These symbols comprise a single, double and triple gold bars. As well as blue, red and silver sevens.

All the symbols glitter and shine like it was their sole purpose for existing.

Bonus My Tunzamunni Please

Progressive Jackpot- as there are none of the usual bonuses to be had, this is the chief bonus feature in this online slot. Flashing above the reels in red letters the jackpot slowly but steadily ramps up. To get their hands on this moola players need to land 3 sevens. This must be made on the payline in this order- silver, red and then blue.

But to gain the progressive jackpot players need to first play at level five, which is the chief coin level. This translates to a maximum stake of £0.25 and is certainly affordable to all but the most incorrigible of misers.

Final Thoughts

Tunzamunni sports a below-average RTP of 90.04% and is less graphically impressive than its competitors. Its chief charm comprises solely of the progressive jackpot feature that lets players get richer than Midas for small stakes.

Overall, Tunzamunni is certainly worth checking out. If only for a chance to roll its rather catching name around the tongue.


Game Name: Tunzamunni

Posted On: 02/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

4.7 (94.07%) 27 votes