Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold

Microgaming released the new Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold that is the part of their golden series. The series provides players with the premium features along with high-quality graphics. Under this, Microgaming has taken up the blackjack variety. The cards of the player are dealt on the plush green table. This game gives the players access to the Auto Re-bet function and Quick-deal features.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Gameplay

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold is the hole card game. It means that one of the dealer’s cards is dealt face-down. Thus, the player is only able to use up the first card as the indicator to hit or stand. There is also a small twist in this card game which makes it different from other several hole card games. Under this, the dealer has to draw on the soft 17. In the other games, dealer stands upon all 17s (soft or hard). ‘A soft 17’, a combination of the cards that involved an ace.

This game uses two standard decks of the cards. This is of great benefit to the player as it lowers the house edge and thus moving this card game into the favour of players. Also, Insurance bet pays 2:1 and Blackjack pay 3:2. Moreover, the player can place the minimum bet of £0.50 and the maximum bet of £200.

Special Features

  • Split If the player gets two cards of same value then he can select an option to split up his cards. However, it should be kept in mind that an ace can be split only once. After the player split an ace, he will get only one additional card. Also, the player can re-split about 2 times and thus give a total of the four hands.
  • Double The player can select to double down upon any of the first two cards. Also, he can receive another opportunity to double down after he split. Whenever the player doubles down, he places a bet that his hand will be going to beat dealer’s hand with his next card. Once, the player double down, his next card will stand automatically and he will not get a chance to hit. Also, the bet will be equivalent to player’s regular bet. Moreover, he cannot re-double down.
  • Insurance The player has a chance to place the insurance side bet in case they want. This will be the insurance against dealer landing blackjack. It is usually invoked when a dealer’s face-up card is an ace. Moreover, insurance debt will worth half of the player’s regular bet. Also, an ability to surrender will not be applicable in this Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold game.

Final Thoughts

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold is an interesting and popular hole card game. It provides a good gaming experience. The return to player percentage is 95%.


Game Name: Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold

Posted On: 03/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold
Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold
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