Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Known for its low house edge and simple game rules, the Vegas Downtown Blackjack is one of the popular versions of Blackjack currently available. The Spinzwin Casino provides the mobile and the online version of the game, and you can also take advantage of their demo format and play the game for free. 

About Vegas Downtown Blackjack 

Popularized by casinos in downtown Las Vegas, the Vegas Downtown Blackjack is one of the most popular versions, if not the most, of the Blackjack game. It comes with rules that are almost the same as that of the original and simple gameplay. 

What makes Vegas Downtown Blackjack so popular? 

The best aspect of the game and the reason why it is so popular is that it is simple to understand and play. It is played using only 2 playing decks which not only provides a house edge as low as 0.39% but also makes it ideal for card counters. With the advent of the internet and online casinos providing the online version of the game, one doesn’t have to worry about being caught and prohibited from playing for using advantage play. 

One of the skill-based games 

Another reason why Vegas Downtown Blackjack is so popular is that it is one of those rare games where luck and skill play equal parts. Though luck figures to a great part in what cards one gets and how everything comes together in the end, people can still manipulate the game by learning and using the trick of card counting or taking the more conventional path and using a good Blackjack strategy. 

Playing with Blackjack strategy 

Formulating and practising a unique Blackjack strategy is easy, thanks to the availability of the demo version of the game but in case you are someone who is just beginning to play the game, or you have a hard time formulating a strategy, you can also learn and use the basic Blackjack strategy that is freely available online. The use of just two decks of cards and the practice of shuffling only at the end of the game make this version ideal for both card counting and the more accepted playing with a strategy practise to ensure consistent winning.


Thus, Vegas Downtown Blackjack is one of the most popular Blackjack variations and is currently available online. The demo version also being available, players can use it to practise before jumping into the real money version.


Game Name: Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Posted On: 04/12/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Vegas Downtown Blackjack
Vegas Downtown Blackjack
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