Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is a new casino game, developed by Microgaming. This casino game is well presented, with smooth graphics alongside pleasant looking animations. Also, the interface is very simple and understandable, thus it is sufficiently comfortable for both veterans and beginners. It consists of options such as the auto re-bet and the quick deal, that makes the gameplay more interesting as well as to prompt the players to play more.

Why Should You Play Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold?

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is one of the best blackjack variations, which is developed as a part of the Gold Series from one of the industry's top developers i.e. Microgaming. It is played with four decks.The Game table looks quite realistic with its light green wood effect and the leather covering. Also, instead of playing with the traditional Microgaming format of selecting the bet through the ‘subtract’ or ‘add’ tabs, now the players can select the size of the coin manually. Moreover, there are brightly coloured chips that can be toggled through, at the bottom left side of the screen until the players find the ones they need. The players should simply click on the table, so as to set it down. Here, the regular payouts are at the odds of 1:1, whereas Blackjack pays 2:1.

Some Fantastic Features offered

Splitting Cards

In Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold, the players are permitted to split up two cards that possess the similar value. The split bet that is placed on the player’s second hand is equal to their original bet. Also, they can split up a pair of aces just once. The players should draw the card having a value of ten, yet it would not be counted as blackjack though it will total 21.

The only possible way in which the dealer can top is to draw the blackjack by having the first card as Ace, and then the card carrying the value of ten. After the players split up an Ace, they will only be dealt with one more card that will automatically stand.

Doubling Down

The players can double down on their first 2 cards within the Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold game. They can also double down upon a split. And, after they double down, they will only be dealt with one card that will automatically stand.


Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold also offers an insurance on the bet. This insurance bet will be equal to half the player’s original betting amount. Also, it will remain independent from the player’s regular bet. This insurance bet will cover the player’s original bet, and not second hands upon split or double down. Moreover, if a dealer has Blackjack, then the insurance bet will pay out at the odds of 2:1.

Final Thoughts

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is an amazing casino game. It is gaining wider recognition among the slot game players due to its fair and entertaining gameplay. It has an impressive return to player percentage of 99%.


Game Name: Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

Posted On: 02/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold
Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold
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