The main attraction and significance of VIP Roulette Live are that it gives you the scope to feel the ambience that is found in a brick and mortar casino parlour. All the action will be streamed in real time and that too through an HD quality. The entire action takes place from a land-based studio in Malta. The game has been developed by Net Entertainment and has a wonderful winning ratio as well. It is suitable for newcomers as well as high rollers.

VIP Roulette Live has a superb video quality

VIP Roulette Live basically follows the standard gaming rules and options of roulette games that are played across VIP tables houses. The entire gaming layout is quite structured and the interface is brightly designed to add more appeal. There is a help section where one can go and get an idea of the gaming rules and regulations. There is also a live chat section through which players can chat with the dealer or other players in real time.

To start off, the player will need to select VIP Roulette Live to see a live video feed. It will appear in the top half of the screen and there will be the table layout across the bottom section. Then you would need to make the selection from the five chip values that will be presented. They range from £1 to £1000. Once you select the chip and place the desired number on the table sections, the Place Your Bets" sign will appear. Then the croupier will start to spin the wheel and a sign called "No More Bets" will display. By this time, the camera will automatically zoom in on the wheel and at the end, the result will be displayed.

The maximum number of bets you can place in VIP Roulette Live is based on the type of bet. It is possible to stake up to £250 in the form of straight-up bets. In most cases, the payout ratio will be 35 to 1 that may go up to a whopping £75,000 on the total spin.

Summing Up

VIP Roulette Live is particularly designed for VIP players who like to bet hard and bet big. So log in Spinz win and have a great gaming experience.


Game Name: VIP Roulette Live

Posted On: 12/12/2018

Author: Caroline Mitchell

VIP Roulette Live
VIP Roulette Live
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