Wild Seas is set on the theme of pirates who roam the seas and loot the ships. It is anchored on the scary, stormy seas of Port Royale with eerie fog rolling in. It tells the story of Anne Bunny, the notorious pirate’s daring adventures. No one is safe in her seas if they are not honest. She is hated by the captains of the merchant ships but loved by the Islanders. ELK Studios launch their super hit wild seas slot game. Keep reading if you would like to know more about this new slot game and its female pirate.

Stormy, Wild seas and eerie fog

This is a 5-reel slot with 178 paylines; which means you have 178 ways to win. Continuing with the pirate theme, the symbols are a gold coin in the shape of a skull, silver coin in the shape of a star, bronze coin like an octopus, three captains, the charming female pirate, treasure chest, pirate ship, and the wild seas flag. The game boasts of 3 wild symbols which are the wild seas flag wild, merchant ship wild and the treasure chest wild. The wild can replace any symbol but the scatter to form winning combinations. A unique feature of the game is the bonus features. The bonus is a game within the slot game.

Bonus exciting escapades

When the 2nd and the 4th reel has Wild seas wild, the bonus round is triggered. There are two levels in the bonus round; break the convoy and loot the treasure.

Catch a break with Break the convoy

In the first level, reel 5 is filled with merchant ships. The merchant ships start moving leftwards on every spin. When a pirate ship appears on reel 5 it will start to shoot any merchant ship on that row. After one shot the ship stops moving and after 5 the ship will sink and reveals a captain loot chest. You’ve got to collect as many chests you can. If you could not sink any ship the bonus game is lost.

Loot the Gold in the rough seas

Sticky wilds will be found where ever the captains loot chests were. In addition to it, more sticky wilds will appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. If you manage to hit the sticky wild with sailing winds ship, the treasure inside is yours. You might want to collect as many treasures as you can. When a barrel appears on the reel 1, the barrel will burst, and you lose all your treasure and the level ends. You can find more sailing winds ship on reel 5, to maximise your payouts.

Summing Up

ELK studios have once again achieved success in portraying a perfect story via a slot game which is quite rare in the slot game world. Their thoughtful narrative, concentrating on the story as well as the game gives a wonderful experience. Apart from the big payouts, their awesome graphics and little animations are aimed at luring slot game lovers to this adventure again and again.


Game Name: Wild Seas

Posted On: 01/03/2018

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Wild Seas
Wild Seas
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