Microgaming has developed this Witches Wealth online slot game that seems to suggest that witches like to create money and wealth. That seems to go contrary to the general opinion, that witches are ugly old women who live in creepy wooded areas and caves, or other places where they work out their devious schemes and spells. With Witches Wealth, these stereotypes are completely thrown out of the window.

Understanding Witches Wealth

Witches Wealth has just nine fixed paylines and five reels. It features a witch named Serena alongside her cat Mr. Twinkles. The graphics and animation of this online slot are quite nice and detailed. The game has lots of items that can be related to witches and witchcraft.

Witches Wealth has several symbols such as an owl, a bowl of magic powder, a jar full of different eyeballs, an assortment of vials, an old crone, a book of evil spells and a diamond studded golden cup. The Wild symbol in this slot is represented by Serena the witch. Mr. Twinkles the cat is a bonus symbol, while a Bat is a Scatter symbol.

Mr. Twinkles Bonus Feature

The Mr. Twinkles bonus feature consists of two bonus rounds, that include the following:

  • The Spinning Wand Bonus round, is won when you land a minimum of three Mr. Twinkles cat bonus symbols on any active payline. You will then be told to click on the ‘Start’ button, which will cause the wand to spin. After landing on an amount that will be given as a prize, you will either be taken back to the base game or to the next bonus round.
  • The Flying Rescue Bonus round is entered into from the Spinning Wand Bonus round, or when you are able to land five Mr. Twinkles bonus symbols on any active payline.
Serena the witch appears in a balcony on the left-hand corner, whilst Mr. Twinkles shows up on the right-hand corner. The witch has to fly to the other side to pick up her cat and then to get back to her balcony. She also has to avoid falling objects as she flies to and fro. The more successful she is, the more wins you get.

Final Thoughts

The bonus features are not highly interactive in the Witches wealth. However, the graphics, animations, soundtrack and the various opportunities are available for you, in order to give chances to gain winning combinations.


Game Name: Witches Wealth

Posted On: 02/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Witches Wealth
Witches Wealth
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