Penny Roulette: Is the Roulette Variation Worth Trying?


Are you willing to try your hands on a unique variant of roulette? In that case, penny roulette is just the perfect option for you. Roulette is one of the popular casino games online. The game’s simplicity and ease of playing make it a top casino table game to engage in. While there are several online roulette variants, penny roulette is the most interesting. 

As the game’s name suggests, you can get started with this roulette variant using a penny. It is one of the low stake roulette options. The game was launched back in 2017 by Playtech. It is a single zero European variant that offers seamless fun and entertainment to enthusiastic players. The best thing about this game is that it provides many staking options. As a result, all types of players can indulge in penny roulette and enjoy the game. The RTP of penny roulette is 97.3%. 

Penny Roulette: The Main Benefits

Why do you try this new variant of roulette? In that case, here are some of the prominent benefits that the game offers to the players.

  • The game comes with a 3D design that works well on mobile devices.
  • Players can find many betting options, including call bets, double-up bets, and more.
  • Penny roulette has a low minimum bet. 

Penny Roulette: Important Terms

To get the best experience of penny roulette, knowing the different terms used in the game is important. The most common terms of this roulette variant are:

  • Main Betting Area:

    It is located towards the right of the roulette wheel. It is the area on the table where you place your bets. You only need to tap the area you want to bet on. 

  • Chip Selector:

    It allows you to select a chip value based on how much you are willing to bet.

  • Roulette Racetrack:

    It places a bet on neighbour/ French bets.

  • Hot Numbers:

    It includes all the numbers repeatedly appearing on the roulette table throughout the playing session. 

Penny Roulette: Common Rules to Know

Before you play the penny roulette game, you must know its rules. Here are the common rules that you must know.

  • The minimum bet of penny roulette is 0.01, while the maximum bet is 500. 
  • The RTP of the game is fixed at 97.3%. 
  • Malfunctions can void all plays and bets of penny roulette.
  • Results of the game are generated through an RNG algorithm to ensure fairness for the players.

Penny Roulette: How to Play?

There must be more than an idea about the online roulette wheel and roulette odds. It is important to understand how the game is played to make the most of the game. Well, playing penny roulette is quite straightforward. To start playing the game, you must select a betting position and place your wager.

The game’s dealer will spin the roulette wheel, and all you have to do is wait for the results. Once the wheel stops spinning, the position where the ball has landed will be determined. The winning bets will then be paid. 

However, an important point to note here is that you may only place the penny bets on some of the areas of the table. That is why it is vital to get an idea about the places where the bets can be placed before you get started.

Penny Roulette: Bonus

Now that you know how penny roulette is played, it is time to explore the different bonuses the game offers. Some of the most common bonuses include the following.

  • Welcome Bonus:

    A penny roulette bonus is rewarded to the new players to play the roulette game for the first time. To qualify for the bonus, you only need to deposit into your casino account.

  • Bonus Code:

    You can get various bonuses and promo codes while playing penny roulette. You can use the codes to get exciting rewards.

Besides these, various other bonuses are offered in the penny roulette game. You must check the offer page regularly to stay updated about the bonuses and promotions.


By now, you must have a comprehensive idea about the game of penny roulette. It is truly an exciting and fun game available online. Playing live roulette can provide players with even more entertainment. Whether you are a novice or a proficient player, the game’s simplicity is likely to take your overall gaming experience a notch higher.