Mike Tyson is considered as one of the best boxers of all the time. At a point of time, there existed nobody that could even get pass him in the ring and bravely survive his explosive and dangerous punches. Now he is retired but still, this legendary boxer is the face of Mike Tyson Roulette which is developed by the Inspired Gaming. This is one of the popular table games and is the bonus variation of the famous game of Roulette.

A Grand Welcome to Mike Tyson Roulette!

The procedure for placing bets on online Mike Tyson Roulette table game is quite straightforward. To start the game, a player must first choose the numbers or a group of the numbers and then let the wheel take a spin. If the ball gets landed on any of the numbers which the player has bet on, then he is awarded depending on his odds of the bets. Players can have a minimum bet of £1.00 per spin and the maximum bet as £100.00 per spin. Players also have an option to either place a bet on a single number or on a broad range consisting of different numbers.

Technical Specifications

With Knockout Bonus round, the player can place the minimum bet of £1.00 per spin and a maximum of £ 5.00 per spin in Mike Tyson Roulette. When the spin stops and the ball lands on Mike Tyson, then the player is being taken to an amazing bonus round. The bonus round can give nice payouts to a maximum of £500. The bonus round brings to a screen with 4 punching bags that consists of different payouts with different payouts attached to them. The player must punch the bags to grab wins. After every punch, the player has the choice of choosing either to payout or to continue with the game. There are various other additional features which will be quite useful in the gameplay.

To Sum Up

Mike Tyson Roulette not only has superb graphics and a great gameplay but also has amazing bonus features and special bets that are quite enjoyable and lucrative. Players are going crazy over this variation of online Roulette. The table game is completely mobile optimized and easily accessible on tablets and iPhones. Whether you are a fan of the Roulette or not, still you should check this one out and experience various excellent twists on your own.


Game Name: Mike Tyson Roulette

Posted On: 26/03/2018

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Mike Tyson Roulette
Mike Tyson Roulette
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